Spring 2

Date: 24th Feb 2016 @ 10:16pm

A warm welcome back after the half term break.

We have a very busy term coming up!

This half term in English we are looking at myths and legends and the messages and morals contained within them.  We are starting with a short film clip of 'The Girl and the Fox'; the children will have the opportunity to work individually and within groups to recreate the story in their own words and explain the message the story tells.

In maths we are beginning with number; year 2s are to become confident counting forwards and backwards in 2s, 3s and 5s; year 3s are focusing on counting up/down in 4s, 8s and 50s - please practise this at home with your child, particularly the counting back as this is the trickier skill to master.  We will then move on to time; year 2s are to read and write the time accurately within 5 minutes using 12 hour analogue clocks; year 3s are to read and write the time within 1 minute intervals using 12hr, 24hr and Roman numeral clocks.  Please encourage your child to read analogue clocks at home and to wear an analogue watch if they have one - every little practise makes a difference!  We will move onto addition and subtraction using both mental and formal written methods in order to support the children with problem solving tasks.  Please encourage your child to calculate amounts in everyday contexts, ie: shopping prices/measurements whenever you can.  A quick reminder for children to log onto Mathletics regularly - this is a great fun way to build confidence and improve mathematical skills and understanding. 

To further strengthen your child's reading, it would be greatly appreciated if you could listen to your child read every day and record your comments in their reading diary.

Some useful websites:  http://myths.e2bn.org/index.php

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