Fun in class 1

Date: 6th Jan 2016 @ 4:53pm

We had a very busy day today! The children really enjoyed playing in our new airport role play area. They checked passports, gave out boarding passes and weighed suitcases. Suddenly there was a fire and the airport lost its power! The air stewards helped everyone safely onto their flight using torches to light the way! They only had 40 seconds until the plane took off so they had to move quickly!

We had some brilliant mathematicians today who managed to write all the numbers too 100 independently. Mollie ordered all the numbers to 20 and Madeleine used the money to pay for some snack. 

Outside Seth made a super bird watching hide out. He saw lots of interesting birds! The children experimented mixing flour with water. It made a sticky dough which we kneaded giving our arms and fingers a work out.

Hope to see you at celebration assembly tomorrow!

Miss Keegan

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