Our core principles for learning Science:

  • Fun, hands-on and practical

  • Challenging – we don’t always need to find the answer straight away

  • Thought-provoking – we are always asking questions

  • Well resourced

  • Cross-curricular

  • Varied – we don’t always record things in the same way

At Whitley Village School, Science is taught by giving our children a chance to test, make mistakes and improve and this requires children to apply the characteristics of effective learning which underpin all our teaching and learning. Our Science teaching builds knowledge and develops children’s understanding of the world through first-hand experiences and exploration.

We support children in spotting patterns, understanding what they have found out and talking about their learning. We encourage them to use scientific vocabulary so that they can communicate more precisely about their observations and findings.  We strive to provide an environment where children are willing to take risks when trying out their ideas and are given the opportunities to develop their scientific enquiry.

We want to inspire and challenge our pupils to become independent thinkers, who use their knowledge of Science to develop their understanding of the constantly changing world they live in.

We aim to ensure that our children can learn about how Science impacts upon and underpins much of our lives in today’s society, while practical activities should stimulate their curiosity and develop a clear understanding for the future. This is done through engaging Science lessons, practical experiments, visits, talks, and links with our local community.


How do we Sequence our Learning in science?

We have chosen to support our Science Curriculum using the scheme Snap Science.  This is an exciting whole-school resource offering comprehensive support from Reception through to Year 6.


Why did we choose it for our learners?


Snap Science offers a clear progression through the ‘big ideas in science.’ These are visible within each topic and each module of Snap Science, and each lesson is based on a question encouraging children to think and work scientifically. Snap Science has been designed to help every child in our school achieve. There are three levels of differentiated challenge in every lesson, making challenging concepts meaningful. These are chosen by the teacher and based on the needs of our learners.

We also use tailored animations, videos, slideshows, interactives, to help our learners and our teachers. The scheme offers us greater flexibility to craft our lesson design and teaching to suit our class’s prior knowledge.  We do this using a knowledge document and establishing the children's existing knowledge schema.

Is this a Quality Scheme?

This scheme is well written and ambitious because it’s been written by a team of curriculum, and science experts, led by the Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM) National Director Jane Turner.  The scheme also has an endorsement from the Association for Science Education. Like any scheme, we adapt it to our learners and the context of our school so that we can ensure that we maximise our learners progress.  We provide additional opportunity to use mathematics and English skills in a way that matches our high expectations of pupils as writers and mathematicians.



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