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Article 28 (right to education) Every child has the right to an education. Primary education must be free and different forms of secondary education must be available to every child. Discipline in schools must respect children’s dignity and their rights. Richer countries must help poorer countries achieve this.

At Whitley Village School, physical education and sport develops children into physically confident, skilful and healthy pupils. We provide a high quality, varied curriculum that develops children’s physical literacy skills and knowledge of different sports over time. Our curriculum is specifically designed for the needs of our pupils and ensures children are physically active for a sustained period of time. It exposes them to vocabulary associated with health, fitness and sports science. Our PE curriculum supports pupils to succeed in competitive sports and other physical activities inside the school and in the local community. We aim to provide all children with opportunities to represent Whitley in extra curriculum activities, promoting healthy competition and each of the sporting values. Children will collaborate with their peers, developing them into respectful and resilient sports people who set themselves aspirational personal challenges. We know that if children are exposed to a high-quality physical education curriculum, it will enable children to succeed and continue to have a physically active life. We celebrate a wide spectrum of success during assemblies, newsletters, social media platforms and within classes. We celebrate the competitive wins but look deeper into the sporting values such as determination, respect and passion. This can be a team effort or through personal challenge.

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