We passionately believe everyone can be a mathematician.

At Whitley Village Primary School, we aim to inspire all children to reach their full academic potential. In mathematics, this means ensuring a curriculum that is fully inclusive of all children which:

  • Develops children’s knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts
  • Provides opportunities for them to practise and sharpen skills and methods
  • Encourages critical thinking
  • Provides the opportunity to forge cross curricular links
  • Provides a strong problem solving foundation
  • Actively encourages children to apply their mathematical skills to everyday life situations
  • Creates a solid foundation on which they can build in secondary school and beyond

Daily lessons

Maths is taught every day in maths lessons as well as in many other areas of the curriculum. It comprises of: shared, guided and independent work, mental and oral maths. Children use a range of resources to support learning. Our Calculation Policy exemplifies how we approach maths and gives clear examples of the progression in calculation.  

Assessment in mathematics

Assessment for learning takes place in every maths lesson. Our children peer/self-assess against the learning objective in each lesson. We continually input information onto our school tracking system to ensure that children progress and to identify any gaps in learning. 

Work is marked in line with the school’s marking guidance and gives children a chance to be part of their next step/ target setting. (See files for further detail on responding to children's work.)  We also carefully use summative assessments to measure progerss each term and regular  retrieval exercises to ensure more children sustain new learning over time.



Useful and fun websites 

Please click here to go to our Mathletics login. Children will have been sent indvidual login usernames and passwords. If you have any questions regarding Mathletics, please contact your child's class teacher or Mr David.  (Mrs Downey Spring term onwards) – challenges/revision and tutorials (or enter ks1/maths) - or Google ‘Nrich’ if you can’t access directly using the URL   We really like using this site for lots of timestable practice. Click here to go to one of our favorite games!


We use lots of different approaches to teaching maths. Click here to learn more through useful videos which exemplify concepts such as number bonds, subtraction, multiplication and division. There are also videos about using the 'bar model' to aid understanding. 


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