Identifying Special Educational Needs

Identifying Children with SEN

The list below shows a number of ways Whitley Village identifies if a child has SEND.

  • Our open door policies ensure that discussions with parents / carers who express concerns leads to further investigations
  • Children entering the Reception are screened using the WELLCOM language assessment.
  • All children are closely monitored by class teachers and other staff members through observations, analysis of data and / or emotional / social concerns. These are relayed to the school's Inclusion Manager who will make further investigations / analysis.
  • Referrals may be made through outside agencies such as GPs, Speech and Language Therapists etc. (permission will always be sought from parents first).
  • The school use a number of diagnostic assessment tests for reading, writing, spelling, comprehension, mathematics and emotional needs.
  • Regular meetings are held with all class teachers and the Inclusion Manager to discuss any concerns.
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