What do we teach?

All the teaching at Whitley Village School is rooted in the National Curriculum and is thoughtfully planned to support and challenge all the children in each class. The carefully planned rolling curriculum (although not set in stone; it can and has been adapted to the needs of specific year groups) has been designed with our pupils in mind and personalised to our unique location and context.

The National Curriculum is not the whole curriculum.  At Whitley Village School we also consider what other ingredients are required to make a really outstanding curriculum that will inspire and challenge all children and prepare them for the future.

It is useful to think of the National Curriculum as a set of ingredients that have been included in our school curriculum. With our stakeholders, we decide how the ingredients can be put together in the most exciting and effective way.


How does a small school deliver the curriculum?

 In a small school, it is inevitable that more than one year group is taught together. The policy of the Executive Head Teacher and  Governors is to recruit teachers who are well qualified to ensure that each child’s work is matched to his or her needs. Groups of children will work together, yet opportunities arise both for individual, group and class teaching within the school day.

A carefully planned ambitious rolling curriculum ensures that learners needs are addressed as the National Curriculum is taught. 



How does the school ensure progression and coverage of the curriculum?


What are the advantages of a small school?

There are advantages to being in a class with other year groups.  Firstly younger children are exposed to a much richer vocabulary from their older peers.  Secondly, younger children can benefit from peer support on group task and develop positive behaviour for learning more rapidly.  Finally,  children thrive in the nurturing classroom climate, where wellbeing and confidence are positively promoted.   Older children also develop important social skills that build their confidence and resilience.


Please see our Long Term Curriculum Plans, which work on a rolling programme, due to our mixed-age classes.

If you have any questions or queries regarding our curriculum, please contact the school and ask to speak to Mr David, Head of School 

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