Year 1 Willow Class - Weekly Online Learning 2019 - 2020

Miss Keegan

Welcome to Year 1's home learning page. We hope you all have fun learning from home. Year 1 pupils learn best when sessions are kept short - around 30 minutes. Intersperse these with longer sessions of play both inside and outside, creative activities and family time. Please adapt the below to suit your needs and your family. Start small, keep it manageable and remember that the most important part of learning is to have fun!

Week beginning 30.3.20

Daily Activities Phonics Maths English Wider Curriculum

5 a day 

Go Noodle

Joe Wicks P.E lesson at 9am each day. This is on YouTube.


Practice spelling high frequency words in home learning pack. 

Handwriting in home learning pack. 

Alternative spellings for '(y)oo'. 

(y)oo = u-e - use, muse, duke, value, cube, tune, cute, amuse, computer, mule

y(oo) = ew - stew, few, new, nephew, renew, mildew, knew, pew

A youtube Video link


Can you read the words above?

Can you write the words if an an adult says it?

Can you write sentences with the words above?

Share the learning on see saw. 

Another video to view.  Make sure your child joins in!

Video Link

Count in multiples of 2, 5 and 10.

Play hit the button make 10. Try to get a new personal best. Click here

Complete Maths No Problem pages 11 - 14

Watch this video to learn more about the more than, less than and equal to signs. 

Spring has sprung.

As a family try and go on a walk or get out in the garden. Write a list of all the signs of spring that you see.

Remember that a list goes one under the other.

You could use bullet points in your list. 

Then, write 5 sentences about what you have seen.


Capital letters

Full stops

Finger spaces

Use and to join sentences - don't forget only 1 and per sentence!

Sound out your words

Spell your tricky words correctly

Read back your writing outloud

In Science the children have been learning all about plants. 

Watch this video to find out about the life cycle of a plant and how a dandelion's seeds are spread. 

Click on the pictures to read some information books about plants. 

Plants in Spring

All About Flowers

Go on a walk or a hunt in the garden, take some photogrpahs of the different plants and trees you can find. See if you can find out what they are called.

Create a poster showing the life cycle of a plant.

You might enjoy painting a picture of different plants or flowers like this one by Vincent Van Gough.

Sunflowers (Van Gogh series) - Wikipedia

Complete Purple Mash 2 do's. 



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