Wk ending 11.3.16

Date: 12th Mar 2016 @ 5:16pm

First of all congratulations to this weeks stars who we celebrated in assembly:

Mollie for super weaving.

Jamie W for excellent addition sentences.

William for super instruction writing.

Caleb for an excellent rhyming shopping list.

It was hard to choose this week and I could have easily celebrated all 22 children so well done everyone!

This week reception have been busy using pirate dreadlocks (bead strings) to find two numbers that when added together make 10. They all tried really hard with this and lots of children tried to write their own number sentences. We also thought about rhyming words and wrote our own rhyming shopping lists. In year 1 we solved problems involving 3D shapes and learnt about their properties. We used language such as edges, vertices and faces. Come and have a look at our super shape display. We finished writing our instructions and we are really proud of them. We have been learning about the prefix -un and the suffix -es. Why not ask us about it. 

See you all on Monday,

Miss Keegan

megan wrote:

I like Molly's weaving.

Miss Keegan wrote:

Thank you Megan! I'll let her know. It was quite tricky but she worked really hard on it.

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