Our final week!

Date: 17th Jul 2016 @ 9:07pm

I cannot believe how quickly this past year has gone. It's crazy to think we are about to have our final week. I am dreading saying goodbye to the Year 1 children as they were my first ever reception class. I know that they are all ready to move to Year 2 and will continue to do incredibly well. I want to say a huge well done to everyone in the class. They have brought me so many smiles and happy memories and they have all worked incredibly hard! I really hope you are proud of them and that you glowed with pride as you read through their reports. I am really looking forward to this week. We've got the talent show, trip to Daresbury Dairy, trip to see preschool in their end of year performance and our year 6 leavers assembly! It is going to be one very busy week. See you all tomorrow, Miss Keegan
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