First day back!

Date: 5th Jan 2016 @ 8:36pm

What an exciting first day back we have had! This morning we went on a hunt around school to try and work out what our topic was going to be this half term. We were given some clues. We were told our topic was about things that moved, had wheels, could fly, go on the road or move on the sea. After a bit of a think we realised we would be learning all about 'Tremendous Transport!' When we got back inside we worked in groups to write down all the things we already knew about transport. We thought of space rocket, submarine, carriage, camper van and many more. We've displayed all our ideas on our working wall. We then designed our own vehicles. We labelled them with super writing. In the afternoon we went on the field. We found an old wooden wheel. We didn't know how it had got there. We thought it might have been left by a pirate as it looked like a wheel for stearing the ship. We also thought it might have come off a princesses carriage. When we were back inside we began to build our own vehicles. Come back tomorrow to see some photos of our creations! 

Miss Keegan

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